I write scale model reviews to practice writing, and to give some framework to my hobby. After all, if you are an esteemed scale model reviewer, you can’t be an oversized kid playing with plastic tanks, can you? You’re doing a serious –although unpaid- work, after all. (Heck, now I’m receiving free samples from companies… not exactly a paid work, but now I could spend less on the hobby… A notion which, if you know anything about scale modellers, would make you laugh.)

Anyhow, to cut a long story short, I sent out a batch of reviews for publication, I got an email back, that some of the photos are a bit out of focus. Fair enough, I guess; I’ll have to take some more. Case close, you’d think.

Well, not so much. I had a dream last night. Apparently, the editor-in-dream sent me an email in my dream which said the following:

Dear Fossiljellyfish,

Some reviews are simply not good enough to be published. The model you have reviewed was already covered by another review, which we did not publish due to its low quality. We don’t think we’d publish yours, either, because it’s not good enough for our standards.

Yours sincerely,

Evil dream editor

I woke up seriously upset about this email. In fact, I still am. As I said, it seems like my mind is trying to tell me something in a subtle way about having insecurities, and the burning need for validation.


Even though this blog is not as nearly as popular as Huffington Post or Zero Punctuation (meaning nobody reads it) I have an announcement to make.

I am not an accomplished journalist. Someone stole an article of mine. (I still have not made a penny out of writing, but that comes with the territory, I guess. And credibility. I can sneer over the rich journalists over my Frapucchino in Starbucks about how they sold out.)

A little backgroud: I wrote an article series about Florida, and life in the US as I experienced it for a Hungarian online magazine by expats (aimed for anyone, but mostly at other expats). Lo and behold, a US-Hungarian magazine also published the same article (under my name, so there’s that).

It’s really a tempest in a teaspoon, but besides feeling amused, I’m f£cking furious as well, as this is not the first time they ripped off our beloved little magazine. Had they asked, and perhaps even paid, they could have republished without any problems. A money-earning website (that actually claims to have been rewarded by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)) stealing material is definitely not cool.

Here is a screenshot as well, as who knows how long it’ll stay online. (Lawyers have been activated, as I heard.)


Oh well. At least they thought it was worth to steal, right?