The Toilet Tank Odyssey – part 1.

I wanted to title this series My struggle: the Toilet Tank, but for obvious reasons I went with a less inflammatory title.


I noticed the toilet tank is slowly leaking. This is one of those tanks that sit right on top of the porcelain toilet bowl, attached by two screws going right through the tank. (More on that later.)

When I opened it up I expected to find the usual, simple but effective arrangement: a flush valve with a chain attached to the lever, an overflow tube, a float. Nothing fancy, easy to fix.

When I looked into the tank, I found a bunch of overcomplicated plastic contraptions: one for the incoming water, and one for flushing. It turns out the piston that moves vertically has a seal that stops the water from leaking into the bowl, and this seal has badly detoriated over time, so needs to be changed.

It turns out nothing can be fixed, so I had to buy a new unit.

Yay. The plus side was that I was assured I only have to screw the top part off, and simply put the new one in.

Except the two halves did not mate… so I had to disassemble the whole thing, taking the tank off the bowl.

The new unit went in splendidly, I put everything together, and inserted the two long screws that fixed the tank to the bowl. These screws are inserted through the tank, which is really a dumb design choice: you essentially have two holes on the bottom of your water tank.

Obviously the screws had several rubber seals, which I put together in the same order as they were when I took the whole thing apart, and with the job done, I filled up the tank.

Obviously it was leaking through the screws.

Part 2 incoming.


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