Tailored suits

I bought myself a tailored suit recently. I needed one for my wedding, and I do work in a position where sometimes you need to look presentable, so I blew five hundred pounds on a really nice grey suit made for me and fitted to my body.

I have two observations.

One, it looks really good. You can see this suit was made to fit me, and was not just taken off some rack in an outlet.

Second, James Bond is even more awesome than I thought. You literally have no ability to move; for example I can’t really lift my hands over my head, let alone climbing over balconies, winning fist-fights and jumping off buildings.
Seriously, though, the Secret Service is either dressed in special suits, that actually allow you to move, or they are absolutely and utterly useless: all looks and no bite. I don’t think I could jump in front of anyone to protect him with my own body even if I wanted to in my expensive, good-looking suit.


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