Out of body experience for cheap

OK, technically it’s not out of body experience; it the experience of the feeling of your body not belonging to you. The weird feeling  you get -usually under the influence of illicit substances- that when you move your body it’s not actually attached to you.

I just realized how to get this symptom for literally peanuts, and better yet you don’t even risk your health (and your clean criminal record).

Start learning to play the guitar.

That’s all. You’ll find that when you try to change chords and move your fingers on the fretboard, your fingers go all over the place, absolutely independent of your original intentions. It’s really a weird feeling watching your finger go to the second fret on the D string, instead of the first fret on the A string. You know where it should go, you direct it to go there, and yet it goes somewhere else… you really feel like you’re watching somebody else’s hand. There you go- you can have mind-altering experiences without taking any drugs. Although, looking at the famous guitar players of rock and metal, I am worried that guitar is a gateway drug to the hard stuff.




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