EU, Europe and the UK

I noticed something quite a long time ago: people in the UK think themselves outside of the European continent. The term “leaving Europe” keeps propping up, used by the most “remain” proponents, even though the British Isles are still going to be part of the same continental shelf. There won’t be changing their population or culture suddenly. They still be part of Europe. They are just leaving a political/economic entity.

It think it says a lot about how British people think of themselves and of the rest of Europe. It’s not necessarily a bad thing; they do provide a sort of reality check to the rest of the continent. It’s one of the greatest issues of Brexit: with them this dissenting voice will disappear. Tiny, poor and irrelevant countries (Hungary I’m looking at you) can’t make up for this, no matter how much Orban is shouting. There is a great risk of the EU becoming an echo chamber for Germany, and this is a truly bad thing.


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