Brad and Angelina

I have to be absolutely honest. I do not know why they are having a divorce, and I do not know how they got together (or how many kids they have).

I like some of their movies, and I’m somewhat jealous of the looks and the money. However, this divorce thing reminded me of a little game I played while I was living in the US.

For years, literally for years I kept checking the newspaper stand in front of the counter in Publix to see if I see Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston on the covers. The rule was: if I don’t see either of them I am allowed to buy any one product I want but never bought. (I was not exactly swimming in money while I lived in Florida.)

I played this game for years and years. I saw covers of the National Enquirer announcing that Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden have adopted an alien baby together (I’m not kidding; I still regret not buying that issue), but never once did I win this game. Not once.

I expect I would not be able to win for a good couple of years more.


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