I accidentally made my girlfriend watch Fury with me.
I say accidentally, because we just could not find a good movie on Lovefilm that either 1. she had not yet seen 2. was not the same recycled bullshit. She got a bit pissed off, I got a bit pissed off of her being pissed off, so I mentioned Fury.

Well, if you have not seen it, it follows a crew of an Easy 8 Sherman tank in 1945. And it also is a 2 hour version of the first fifteen minutes of Saving private Ryan. From the burning people climbing out of a cooked-off tank, and shooting themselves, to the American tank crew executing several P.O.W.s. It’s horrendous. The makers did not pull any punches when they decided to show what war really is. None of the patriotic crap about good and evil, about heroism; it’s all a meatgrinder where people are chewed up and spit back as corpses. A pretty girl one second, a cold body the next. (And let’s not talk about what a 50 cal bullet does to someone’s head. If you wanna see, go, and watch the movie.) Apparently, a real vet thinks the movie is pretty spot on, too.

Obviously she did not sleep very well, I did not sleep very well, and in general do I have a serious  problem with my interests and hobbies.

You see I’m extremely fascinated by history, and the history of WWII, and tank history particularly. I’ve never had any illusions about the heroic lives of tankmen, however. But seeing something is completely different from reading about it.

I build scale models of these machines of war. I am interested in tactics, in how technology and history developed. I write reviews of scale models. I BLOG about scale models (check it out! Subscribe!). I collect books on the topic. Except it was not as interesting on an intellectual level. Except the real life was horrible. I cannot even imagine how people do not turn pacifist after watching this movie.

So here I am, having a crisis of hobbies.

  1. I loved this movie and have watched it several times already. I really enjoyed how it made you feel as though you were a silent crew member inside the Sherman. It felt so clostraphobic in there. Great movie. I have even called one of my Leman Russ Tanks “The Emperors Fury”. I too have a fascination with WWII. The mechanical warfare, especially, intrigues me. Unbroken is another movie that puts you right in the action in the opening scenes.

    • Yeah… it’s an amazing movie, but I don’t think I can watch it again. Tanks are fun in plastic. War is fun in computer games; but this movie brought the hell way too close for me. Fighting and dying in tanks was in no way fun or glorious.

      I’ll check Unbroken out, though. Thank you for the suggestion. (I do some Warhammer stuff when I can, by the way 🙂 The recent Forgeworld releases are especially great.)

      • I don’t like war but watching a movie that puts slams you in the midst of what it may have been like is good. It reminds you just how bad war is and in the end everyone loses. Forgeworld is great but sooooooo expensive. I can’t always justify spending wads of cash on little plastic men haha.

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